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Maintenance of high speed servo web Slitter

Always ensure that the web slitter is always in a good technical state, can be put into operation at any time, reduce the failure, prolong the machine life, improve the utilization rate of machinery, reduce the maintenance and operation costs, create more benefits and ensure safe production, and should maintain good maintenance work. We should know that to reduce the mechanical failure, prevention is very important, so the maintenance of the web Slitter should be done: "both maintenance and repair, prevention first", correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair, absolutely can not appear only use, or maximum use without maintenance, or just repair when there is a problem, do not maintain at ordinary times, these are not good. Maintenance should be planned. The machinery should be maintained at regular intervals. Do not delay for no reason. If there is an emergency that has to be delayed, the maintenance of the machinery should be carried out immediately after this period of time has passed, and the delay time should not exceed half of the planned time. Don't be perfunctory in maintenance. Pay attention to quality. Do not miss or fail to protect. Record and report the problems found in maintenance.

For the maintenance of machinery, our operators and maintenance (inspection) personnel should use the web Slitter correctly, maintain it carefully, and maintain the machine with a serious attitude and scientific method. Pay equal attention to overhaul, maintenance and maintenance.

Strictly implement the post responsibility system, the operator should also do well: correctly use the equipment, strictly abide by the operating procedures, carefully prepare before starting, and carefully check whether the instrument indication conforms to the current work instructions during the start-up. Master the fault prevention of mechanical equipment, judge the fault behavior indicated by the alarm, and have emergency treatment measures to keep the safety protection device too much good. Do a good job in antifreeze and anticoagulation, ensure that the surrounding environment of the web slitter is clean, and remove the interference source around the mechanical equipment.