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Mct126 synchronous controller

Mct126 synchronous controller


Mct126 is a high-performance synchronous controller designed with FPGA and high-performance processor architecture. It controls the speed and position of the slave motor (DC, AC, servo, etc.) by outputting - 10 to + 10 V analog voltage to the motor driver, so as to realize the synchronization of the master-slave motor. The input frequency of 300kHz (up to 1.2MHz after internal frequency doubling) can realize high-precision and high-speed operation. The response time is less than 90us, and accurate synchronous control can be realized in dynamic process.

Mct126's unique analog phase trimming mode can be easily connected to the synchronous application where the tension control is required. No need to add any tension controller to control the tension of the master-slave motor after synchronization.

Mct126 has a separate encoder output interface. The output signals can select the encoder signals of master and slave motors respectively, so that the cascade of synchronous control of multiple motors can be easily realized.

Mct126 synchronous controller and mct205 registration controller can also be used to track and correct the phase in real time, such as printing, cutting, die cutting and other industries that need to register and register. Mct126 and mct205 phase correction interface is very simple and convenient, only need 2 to 3 wiring.

The main characteristics are as follows:

The counting frequency is 300kHz, and it can reach 1.2MHz after 4 times of internal frequency

FPGA + high performance processor architecture, fast dynamic response (about 90us)

Position synchronization and proportional control

Level, pulse, analog three kinds of phase trimming mode

13 bit D / a output (1bit direction bit + 12bit data bit)

Encoder input 5V differential or 24 V push-pull signal source optional

The output signal source of encoder can be selected from master axis and slave shaft, so it is convenient to cascade

With buttons and LCD display

RS232 / RS485 serial communication, Embedded Modbus slave communication protocol