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Mct205 registration controller

Mct205 registration controller


Mct205 is a low-cost, high-performance registration controller, which can cooperate with a variety of actuators (such as synchronous motor, stepper motor, servo motor and even synchronous controller) to output time pulse or frequency pulse to realize the register or registration control between plate, die, die and other products. The response frequency of 250kHz (up to 1MHz after 4-fold internal frequency) can realize high-precision and high-speed registration. Multiple control modes and multiple output modes can adapt to various application situations. It has its own signal graphic display, which can easily realize the display and tracking of signals and is convenient for debugging. Mct205 registration controller can be widely used in printing, packaging, cutting, die cutting and other needs of register

In the industry.

After frequency doubling, the internal response can reach 1MHz

Five registration modes: reference and color code signal edge trigger, width recognition, distance recognition and so on

Three output control modes: synchronous motor, stepper motor, servo motor and synchronous controller can be selected as correction actuators

With graphic display function, signal display and tracking can be realized easily, and debugging is convenient

The correction speed can be proportional to the main speed

Encoder 5V differential signal or 24 V push-pull signal source optional

With buttons and LCD display

RS232 / RS422 serial communication, Embedded Modbus slave communication protocol

Embedded installation, easy to set up

High cost performance