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LKQ-1700 hob servo driven computerized paper cutter

LKQ-1700 hob servo driven computerized paper cutter


Technical parameters of lkq-1700 type

The equipment is the company's absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, the selection of high-quality components from Germany and Japan, mechanical design, compact and precise structure, low noise, heavy machine base, high cutting precision, high speed and other characteristics (1, bearings are imported 2. It is a high efficiency, high efficiency paper processing equipment.

Serial numbertechnical product nameparameter
1 Paper cutting formupper knife back cutting and lower knife fixing
2The maximum paper cutting width1650mm
3Cut off accuracy of standard set±0.5㎜
4The highest tool speed is300cut /min
5Maximum speed of standard setting300 m/min
6Cutting length range450-1450mm
7Maximum drum diameter1700 mm
8Maximum paper cutting width1700 mm
9Applicable paper range40g-550g
10power / voltage / frequency25KW/380V/50HZ
11Equipment weight15T
12Equipment size

Suitable materials: copper paper, white board paper, double adhesive paper, white cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, kraft paper.

Serial number technical product name parameter

1. Paper cutting form: upper knife back cutting and lower knife fixing

2. The maximum paper cutting width is 1650 mm

3. Cut off accuracy of standard set ± 0.5mm

4. The highest tool speed is 300 cut / min

5. Maximum speed of standard setting: 300 m / min

6. Cutting length range: 450-1450mm

7. Maximum drum diameter: 1700mm

8. Maximum paper cutting width 1700 mm

9. Applicable paper range: 40g-550g

10 power / voltage / frequency 25kW / 380V / 50Hz

11. Equipment weight: 15t

12. Equipment size

Main standard configuration list

1. High precision single knife paper cutter

2. Multi station oil pressure shaftless paper holder

3. MCT motion control system

4. Yaskawa servo motor drive system

5. Domestic advanced reverse winding mechanism (special for tobacco printing)

6. Automatic tension control system (ultrasonic type)

7. Paper cutting upper and lower knives (high speed steel)

8. Taiwan (pneumatic knife) paper slitting mechanism

9. Automatic dust suction device

10. Paper edge adjustment mechanism

11. Paper blocking stop mechanism

12. Static elimination equipment

13. Automatic counting label insertion device

14. Automatic paper collection equipment

15. Random accessories

16. Reservation (register) control system

Note: optional