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Single tile paper cutter

Single tile paper cutter


1、 Overview

With the diversification of products in the paperboard industry at present, large quantities of single orders are rare. In the production, we will encounter orders of various varieties and specifications. Therefore, we should often change orders, sizes and specifications in the production. In this case, manual change of monotone size can not meet the needs of current production.

If the computer is changed to a monotonous size, the gearbox will be removed. Cutter and paper feeding are driven by two independent motors. In this way, the mechanical cross cutter can be free from the shackles of mechanical factors, and meet the needs of production with high efficiency and high speed.

2、 Technical standards

1. Applicable material: single corrugated paper

2. Width: 1400-1800mm

3. Speed: 0-75 M / min

4. Cutting length: 250-1500mm

5. Cutting accuracy: ± 1 mm

3、 Product characteristics

1. The machine is composed of feeding slitting section, feeding section, cross cutting section and conveying section.

2. Synchronous belt transmission mechanism is adopted for paper feeding and cutter, and 2.2kw/3.7kw motor is used for paper feeding and cutter.

3. The machine can realize automatic counting without stopping the machine, automatically changing the order, stopping the machine when it arrives, and short time for changing orders.